Down the Rabbit Hole

Where did those damn words go?
they were here just a minute ago.
Now a song from my youth has kidnapped my brain
Sent it down the rabbit hole,
To the accompaniment of “Are you going to San Francisco?”
I’m suddenly deep in the summer of ’67
My junior year of high school looming large
It was my time of turmoil, 
fear of the future swelling each day.
The war was a constant drumming in my ears
empathy tearing at my heart.
These memories remain even though
The person that created them no longer exists.
Each scene remembered, suggested other memories.
Growing exponentially this mass of recollections
has soon consumed all of my brains computing power
The words that were to last forever, words dragged across the threshold
From the mists of a dream into the waking world.
have slipped away, vanished before being committed to permanence
Now displaced by visions of fading photographs,
snippets of songs and a gnawing disquiet.
my mind relinquishes any semblance of control,
submerging itself wholeheartedly in a world of ghosts.
Remembered honestly, this was the most difficult time of my life
Yet unintended in this flood of remote memories,
Lies long hidden evidence of strength I didn’t know I possessed.
Strength that in the end allowed that terrified boy to survive.

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