Turn for the Better

Life has certainly taken a turn for the better lately but

My natural inclination is to

Wonder if this is the calm before

The storm.

Has this fear of success been hard wired into my brain,

By simple repetition of a lifetimes of bumps and bruises

Where has my propensity to identify

with Eeyore come from?

Is this a product of a childhood trauma perhaps?

Or a genetic disposition

Or simply a cruel joke

Of an unsympathetic universe.

To dwell in this dark cloud all the while ignoring

The silver lining is exhausting,

Caustic to hope, fatal to mental stability.

Killing the joy of hard won forward progress.

To stand still, to give in to doubt, is to perish.

To allow uncertainty to plant the seeds of paralysis

Is to guarantee a fresh wave of self-doubt

And an extended stay in the grip of depression.

So, it is that I endeavor to remain fixed in the present moment.

Turning a blind eye to the past and its burden of regrets.

Turning a deaf ear to the whispers of the future predicting failure.

Accepting this moment as a gift

Remembering that tomorrow is promised to no one.

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