Strong Woman and What They’ve Taught Me.


We didn’t meet until my declaration was recorded historyconfident women
The crossing of our paths, serendipity.
Proof of the Universe’s ultimate awareness,
Once again providing what I didn’t know I needed.

In a childhood wrapped in the fear of sexuality, I withered.
Adolescence spent in a world where enjoyment of one’s body was shameful
I cowered in search of invisibility, consigning myself to perpetual silence.
crawling toward the finish line on hands and knees
Assuming the end wouldn’t end in triumph but darkness.

But things have changed, with transition came enlightenment
and introduction to a circle of self-assured women
That proved that fear was not a universal truth.
Shining examples of what self-confidence looks like
Suffering no stuttering hesitation, in discussion of a sexual self.

Their effect on my life was entirely unintentional.
Growing from fundamental honesty and unassuming presence
An aura of acceptance, a lack of judgement
Imparted understanding by example.

It pains to imagine how much different life could have been
To have learned that my body and sexuality are a gift.
To be cherished and enjoyed to the fullest.
Pleasure for pleasures sake my new mantra.

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