Storm Clouds

I can feel the downward pull at the corners of my mouthstorm clouds

As if these tiny muscles had forgotten how to resist the pull of gravity

It always seems to start with the disappearance of my smile

A warning issued like the storm flags rising on the coast

The signs of the coming tempest unmistakable to any that would see

The darkening sky, the rising wind, the deepening frown.

What drives the storm, and which came first, the thought or the gale

Could knowledge of its origin restrain its progress or shift its path?

Concern shifts to how bad will this be, will simply closing the shutters suffice?

Or do I need to flee to higher ground?

As the day draws to a close, darkness settles incrementally

While the threat of a desperate battle remains unfulfilled.

The night passes slowly, sleep arriving reluctantly

Ears strain for the first rumble of thunder that never comes

Curiosity at what awaits the coming light of day

Provides the theme for restless dreams.

At the first moment of awakening awareness

Gratitude shines at the sunlight that greets me.

Hurriedly scanning the horizon for hidden turmoil

The storm, its energy spent in the darkness,

Nowhere to be seen.

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