Clouds before the Wind

To live, as the clouds before the wind.
             Just to be, without reflection or examination.

To rise silently as the mists on the mountainside,.
             Free of second thoughts and second guesses.
To move as the leaves, swept along with the rivers currents,
            Confident in the rightness of the ultimate destination

To live unconcerned where the journey began,
            Releasing the obsession that I must know the reason

To live at peace with all of life’s reversals
             Knowing that the outcome was destined to be.

To accept that even when no choice has existed
            I would have chosen exactly the same.

                            And yet

As idyllic a way as this seems, to live my life,

                            Many days

I simply do not have the strength of will…..

To not want to change the direction of the wind,

     To not desire to know the outcome, of other paths

          To not worry about where the river will take me

               To not second guess the end that fate has in store.

                   To live this life free of regrets.

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