Supermarket Tears

I couldn’t believe it, I cried in the supermarket todayindex

As Kathy Mattea sang of dancing at the five and dime, I teared up right there in the salad dressing aisle

The characters in her song are looking back over their life together, the timelessness of their love and how they would be there for each other.

I could feel it coming on right there between the croutons and the fake bacon bits

Now I think longing for true love is a good cause for tears, and have shed more than a few in the past few years.

But the salad dressing aisle?

It would seem to me that a better setting for a deep introspection on love and loss would be next to the Ben and Jerry’s

While these momentary reflections on living life alone come mostly in the night

Any of life’s activities usually done with another when done alone can elicit these feelings.

Deciding the supermarket wasn’t a good place for such a scene, I changed the music to the Grateful Dead and scurried along to the dairy aisle.

Till next time.

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