When life is done and I am gone from this place, how will you remember me, my child?jess shoulders

If I could look back into the past through your eyes, who is it I would see looking back?

Now with your lifetime from which to choose, where will your memories transport you?

To what point, among these thousands, will your remembrances fix themselves?


Will you be riding high on my shoulders, when all seemed as it should be?

With your fingers reaching for the sky?  To embrace the enormity of this waiting life

Unaware of expected roles, there was no confusion, when no ambiguity made its presence know.

From today’s vantage point, is this when you will find me, is this where you will find me?


Does he still exist in your memory, that man of big shoulders and stubbly chin, or has he

Faded from view, his face now as indistinct as last night’s dream in the next day’s light.

Upon reflection, will you ever be able to understand, or forgive the unwavering insistence,

That erased that person from your world, but not from your mind.


Will the feeling that you have been cheated of a well-ordered life,

Cause you to dwell among the memories where life came without surprises.

What will that person look like in your backward glances,

Is it possible for you to weep for someone that you never really knew?


Looking down at me when I have gone, what is it your heart will say?

Will you be able to find a place for sympathy for my life’s struggles?

Or was that simply the just reward for an act of unparalleled selfishness.

It’s up to you what memories you will secure which you will let go.

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