Maybe it’s a Sign

Sitting on my deck last evening, soaking up the warmth and scent of spring in the mountains when my neighbor below shouts, “look at that.” Looking up, it’s obvious what he has seen, a bright white light moving across the sky, it’s obvious that I’m looking at a meteor. Meteor

I have seen shooting stars countless times in my life, a faint light or a barely visible streak gone almost before my eyes could focus, this was something else entirely. A bright white light moving steadily across the sky from North to South, it seemed to not be in any hurry taking at least five full seconds until it disappeared beyond Beaucatcher  mountain.

I knew I was looking at a meteor but suddenly I wondered if I could possibly be mistaken, the light was so bright so round, almost like a spot light on a helicopter. It moved so steadily, almost slowly. It seemed to say I’m going slowly to make sure that you don’t miss my significance, of course it didn’t have the common decency to tell me what that significance might be.

According to Google, and everyone can tell you that Google knows all. The symbolic meaning or significance of seeing a meteor, is that the universe is portending a drastic change in your life.

Really another one?

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