Raging Despair and Bluebirds

Crushing grayness rolls over me.186083012-e1410972327960
As a wave that refuses
to retreat to the sea,

Time to call the therapist, can you see me right away? please

No relief on the horizon
Simply another wave
and another after that.

Oh good she can see me just a bit more time to write

Each wave larger than the one before,
Their anger growing in succession
I shrink before their display of power

The lowering sky merges
with the surface of the raging water
Margins erased they roil as one

Therapist, “What’s wrong, what happened?
Me, “I was robbed, they stole all my tools, $10,000 worth” I am so depressed, I can’t sleep, feel suicidal, I can’t deal with this.
Therapist,” How about we try EMDR, its worked well for you before.

45 minutes later, Thank you I have to go home and finish that poem I was working on. Let’s see where was I

As the dark clouds split the sun streams
through onto the placid sea
Oh look is that a bluebird ?

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