At the river’s edge,

I find a silent refuge

Swept by dappled sunlight

Moving hypnotically in the gentle breeze,

Immersed in tranquility,

Eyes close against the discordant

Aloneness turning my gaze inward

Unbidden the dream returns,

The vision unfolding slowly

Its soft focus soothing,

The rhythmic sound of my breath.

Quieting my mind as I slip deeper,

Weaving memories from tiny fragments,

Long dormant sensations, reawaken

The scent of her hair as she bends near

The kiss of her breath upon my neck

As she whispers to my heart

An almost imperceptible touch

Of fingers resting

Warm and motionless on my shoulder,

Compressed into this one moment

A lifetime of empty space

Longing to be filled.

Through her fingertips

I feel the beating of her heart,

Instinctively reaching for her hand

I feel the pulse so clearly

I could confuse it with my own

I turn, and drawing her close

I can feel it now, our hearts beating in time,

Our breathing in unison

Our souls as one

We are complete.

If I could capture this moment

Hold it tightly in tender hands

I would stay here forever

Yet dreams are fleeting, loath to be captured

They slip as smoke through my fingers.

Yet the memory of this completeness will remain

Until I return again.

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