Emerging into the Light

Monarch-butterfly1Emerging into the light, pausing to let the darkness melt away

Surrounded by a new reality, awash in colors unimagined

Blood, touched by the warmth of the sun surges to parts previously unknown

Bringing awareness, feeling, and wondrous new sensations


Gossamer wings so long folded close, stretch heavenward

The sky beckons to her, Take your rightful place it whispers

A world fresh and new has awaited her emergence, from the first thread

Leaving behind the prison of her chrysalis and the depth of its blackness


A fragrance, new but reminiscent poses the question, could it be?

Is this a remnant from a time before the darkness?

From a birth before the birth, from a world before this world?

Can she know beyond uncertainty where the memory began?


So begins the quest, the search for the wellspring of the vision

An apparition, a creeping shadow, inching leaf to leaf

Amongst lush greenery, a time devoid of flower or nectar.

Bound wingless to the earth, a world defined by gravity


Yet memory is only vapor, today’s reality is all there is

Learning to experience the world with these new senses

To feel this marvelous new experience with a body reborn.

To the see the familiar, no longer familiar, with new eyes.

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