The Trans Bathroom Thing

     I present this as an illustration of how difficult it is to have the public accept trans people and have them get over the bathroom thing.
     I spoke to my brother last evening and during the conversation, I said that Charlotte, Trans BathroomNorth Carolina had finally passed the non discrimination bill. I explained what was included and we were walking the same path right up to the point I said it makes me legal when I use the bathroom.
     Let me say first of all that my little brother has been absolutely wonderful to me, after a short period to get over the shock he has called me Rachel each time we have spoken, he has also called me his big sister. I think he understands and if he doesn’t, he has recognized how important it is to my survival to have my identity.accepted.
     With that said, when we touched on gender identity and bathroom use, I suddenly heard the impostor predator talking point. It took me completely by surprise. I heard the story about the asshole on the west coast that went into woman’s locker room and took his shirt off, and when confronted said that he was transgender and as such was allowed to be there.
     My brother offered this to be some kind of proof that this is going to be a problem. Of course this is going to be a tactic of the the right wing Christian hate mongers to muddy the waters and prevent any type of intelligent conversation on the subject. Add to that the hateful fear pandering of state legislatures and gutless governors such as those in North Carolina and you have a situation that will surely end in someones suicide.
     Of course my brother said it didn’t apply to me, he has known me as Rachel for 3 years and accepts me as a woman, and said basically that I  pass so my presence in the woman’s bathroom isn’t an issue. I explained how big an issue it was at the start of my transition, and the absolute terror of being out somewhere and needing to use the restroom.
     I’m not sure what I will tell him next, as the conversation was cut short by the dinner, however, The fact that we need to have this conversation speaks loudly to the discomfort that a great many people have with the trans community; even if they don’t realize it or if they make a conscience decision to keep it hidden.
It is going to be long difficult road to our final acceptance and equality. Baby steps

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