Rachels Health Care Rant

     OK here’s what is on my mind. I have had a colonoscopy scheduled at Asheville Gastroenterology for over a month.
My concern started yesterday when they called to get me to schedule an appointment, I said don’t you folks talk to each other?  I have an appointment for next Wednesday and its be set for over a month. Oops different department. Then…..
     This morning I’m in the coffee shop the cell phone rings and naturally its on speaker at full volume, it is never on speaker. I answer, the woman says,”is this Richard?” the sound echoing from all the walls of the coffee shop.
I turn off the speaker and say, “no this is Rachel who is this?”
     Well it Asheville Gastroenterology, oops, seems she made a mistake when she made my appointment, I will need more sedation so we’ll have to reschedule. I ask politely, “what does that mean, what are we looking at? She says let me look then calmly says mid December, can I book that for you?
     I originally went to their office in person a month ago to make the appointment. My situation is complicated, I was there 5 years before but under a different name and different gender. I’m concerned that the doctor know in advance I am trans, I do not want to hear any surprised,”what it this, a he/she?” as I slowly drift away to unconsciousness
     I sat with the scheduler, she sat in front of the computer with all my records. We went over my medical history and the fact that I am indeed a trans woman. I gave them insurance cards and license, and discussed the name change.
Here it is a month later
     I drove to their office today, with violence in my heart, well not really, but I was seriously pissed. The scheduling supervisor was understanding and is working to find a way to move up my appointment to at least November. While she was doing that I also complained about being called Richard, she said when I legally change my name they will change the account. I say I have changed everything in my life including birth certificate and passport and had told them so, she says, oh
     I explain that I have GRS early next year and for tax purposes I need to pay for it in December, It would be nice to know if I have fucking colon cancer before I hand over the $20,000 check that I can’t get back.
     Almost as a side note, I said ,”do you have any idea how difficult it is to get someone to drive me here and wait 2 or 2 1/2 hr and drive me home. What the hell am I supposed to do about that.
     So I’m still up in the air for the appointment and the irony is that I had an appointment scheduled in Hendersonville, but I cancelled it to go here because it would be so much more convenient. Ha
I’m worried that they will somehow remove my liver while I’m under anesthesia.

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