Does She Know?

 She called to say that she was leaving town.
I swallow hard and ask, “How Long?”
A couple of months, but I want to see you before I go.
When are you leaving? “Tomorrow,” she replies

I meet her at the Mothlight after the poetry class.
A Tuesday evening, late with only 6 people at the bar.
I sit at the end, animal channel cuteness plays silently above.
I have a beer as I wait, wondering how will I feel when I see her

Apart for several weeks, have I forgotten how much I care?
I haven’t, at the first sight of her smile, I remember it all
Drinking so deeply of her, I fear I will drown
I feverishly save reserves against the coming famine.

We talk, we laugh, alone together we reconnect our lives
She leans in, her hands on my arm, they linger as our eyes meet
I reach out and place my hand on her cheek
I say, “you know how special you are to me”

Her tender countenance touches my soul, cradles my heart
She replies, “you are very special to me too”
I look into her eyes and with every ounce of strength I have
I don’t say, “I love you”

I don’t need to

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