What’s in a Pronoun?

He….. the pronoun burst from his lips
I’m surprised at the tone, was it intentional?
He….. it explodes again into the room like drunken spittle
At the bar late in the passionate argument
I’m almost compelled to wipe my face
Then realize it is my ears that have been assaulted
He….. again
It cuts deeply into my heart, crushes my spirit
My identity, a fragile construct, easily bruised
Wilts under the barrage, unsure of its intent
Left gasping in an airless room, I seek an escape
Stripping my outer layers as I flee,
Dropping the contaminated skin along the road
I return to my world
It has been a long time since I felt I deserved this
I won’t go back to that time
A time I felt I had no right to demand more
I have paid for my passage in tears
I will not pay the price of admission a second time
If you cannot see me
If you will not acknowledge that I am real
Then I will dismiss you as insignificant
I will move on.

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