The Poet

I sit amongst the poets in this sanctuary of words.
My reverence growing as I bask in their passion,
Immersed in them, contemplating their rhythm.
Letting the color of their sound wash over me.

Turning as a flash of movement catches my eye,
A hush, as startling as a shout, descends upon the space.
I watch as a poet rises, determination in her eyes.
Moving toward the stage, hesitant at first,
Confidence growing with each step.

A tranquil demeanor belies the raging passion, so near to the surface.
It’s closer now, straining self-control, testing her patience.
Laying claim to this world, this tiny moment of time, she becomes stillness.
Eyes Close, head tilts upward as a calming breath slowly escapes.
A shout of encouragement draws her back to the moment.
As eyes open, a knowing smile brightens her face.

A lifetime of words all filed and sorted, waiting for this day.
She gathers them about her, selecting and discarding.
Grasping just the right one, she launches herself into the space.
Broad sweeping brush strokes wash the listeners with emotions.

Gestures punctuate the air, arms sweeping the sky,
Fingers pointing, adding exclamations to the sound.
Each word chosen as paint from an artist pallet,
Blended, layered, until subtle shapes of color and shadow emerge.

A momentary pause, the anticipation grows.
Released from their bonds a bold primary splash of adjectives explodes.
Rising to take their place on the canvas of her vision
Old words made new with desire, ignite my imagination.
A Universe created within the space between their letters.
Draws all around her to revel in their presence at the birth
I watch as stars swirl and collide.
Floating formless in its midst, I breath in the star dust,

The thoughts coalesce, the emotion takes form.
With the foundation laid, the image grows
Layer by layer each word building on the last.

The picture complete, the story told, the sound dissolves to satisfaction.
The image fades to black as the exhausted poet retreats.
Leaving me to sink slowly into quiet appreciation.

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