The Waters Edge

The path resilient under my barefoot steps,
The air hangs still and heavy with summertime
Through splashes of sunlight scattered carelessly about,
I make my way to the water’s edge.

The soft half-light penetrates to guide my steps through shadows deep and still
Sinking slowly to my knees, bare feet upon the mud, I greet the water
An intimate connection to Earth, Life, to Creation
Provides a moment of clarity, a morsel of understanding and welcome peace

My mind wanders, my focus falters, forward then back,
Yesterday and tomorrow, each cries for attention
The waters song of sight and sound calls to me, Stay here it sings, the moment is now
Breathing deeply, slowly, I return

The water continues, alive as it chooses its path among stones
Gurgling resentment at each change of course, Jubilation at each obstacle overcome
The sound plays from the walls of the refuge while light dances on the surface
The boughs lean in close, eavesdropping on the waters
And my dreams

Their whispers fill my ears,
Saving and savoring each poetic verse,
I file them in my heart.
To sustain me

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