Daydreaming of Mindfullness

What’s on my mind? Wow what isn’t, there aren’t enough pixels to record everything rattling around in my brain. I have begun reading the huge tome about mindfulness given to me by my therapist, who obviously believes that I spend too much of my being, being somewhere else. Thinking she may be right I will endeavor to learn to remain in the present but I do love to daydream. How do I reconcile being in this moment with daydreaming of a future of a thousand changes, a future that at the moment seems cloudy and somewhat uncertain.

I think for the moment I’ll stick with poetry. The result of a dream, a very nice dream I might add this poem is about the joy, the completeness, that I imagine awaits me some day.

Lying as spoons in a drawer,
Our breathing soft and rhythmic
Breath, mingling with joy
Enfolds and draws us closer

The warmth of our skin
Pressing close, then closer still
Our separateness dissolving
Our bodies entwined

As a soft sigh escapes
Our minds reach out and touch
Our thoughts shared,
Our worries dissolve

Turning her face to mine
My hands reach out and gather her in
I cradle her face lovingly
Capturing her gaze, I drink deeply of her

Her eyes, open to her soul
sparkle with tenderness
Our souls intertwined
We sink deeper into other

Freed of the burden of uncertainty
Each soul recognizes its mate
The gravity of aloneness removed
Our hearts soar as one

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