Put a frame around it

The direction was to put a frame around it, to look back over the past week and showcase the best of the week. Hang it on the refrigerator like the latest school art project.

At first glance this hasn’t been the kind of week that I would normally think of hanging on the refrigerator. It has been a struggle at times, the uncertainty, the avalanche of decisions that I have had to make, the second guessing, the periodic waves of panic.


billboard2Upon further reflection and a closer examination,  I have changed my mind, a woman’s prerogative as they say. I have decided that this entire week qualifies to be displayed not on a refrigerator, a refrigerator isn’t nearly big enough, but on a billboard. A space large and loud for all the world to see. It has been a week that showcases the joy and awesome peace I have finally found in my life. Even with everything that has happened, I’m still here, which wasn’t a sure thing less than than two weeks ago. I haven’t run away, which would have been my answer not all that long ago, I’ve stayed open to the world about me. I’ve stayed focused outward instead of withdrawing inward and I have retained the faith that came to me that dark night of my soul. A faith that something good will come from difficult time I’ve been living through.

The reward has been a number of chance encounters with people that have enriched my life, and given me new perspective on the diversity of experience. I spoke with a young artist from Nashville passing through Asheville for the first time, She was so young, thoroughly charming and if her web site is any indication a remarkably talented painter and sculptor. A couple of young women that were impressed by my courage and wanted to hear my story, a young man that pulled out a photo, of himself in drag and asks for my opinion. I was called a poet by a poet that have tremendous respect for and I spent some time getting to know my bartender better. No I don’t have a drinking problem, I find her insightful, warm and open and enjoy talking to her tremendously.

I had wonderful conversations with friends, an offer of a place to live from my daughter. All in all one hell of a week.

Rachel continues to be exceedingly grateful.

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