I Hear Music

OK this mornings observation will be on music and it’s ability to set a mood, change a mood,drive you down or lift you up. It’s presence insists on being noticed, it doesn’t like to be ignored, which is certainly fine with me because I love what it can do to me. I have begun as of late to experience it almost as a drug. The rush I feel when I hear a peculiar song pounding in my ears is akin to the rush, well never mind what it feels like, suffice it to say it feels goooood…

I’ve taken to standing up at a bistro table at the coffee shop. The reason is that I put in my ear buds turn on some rocking music and stand there and dance while I type a blog or a facebook post. I imagine that I make quite a sight, dancing away at 7 in the morning while lip syncing Bonnie Raitt or BIlly Joel but the truth is and I find this hard to believe, given my history I just don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks. I just love to move and all I have to remember is not to start singing.
Of course the opposite also applies, there have been times when searching for some type of emotional release I have turned to several tried and true sob inducing songs or artists. I have made a conscious effort lately given my current propensity to crash and burn to stay as far away from them as I can.

If your in Weaverville early, stop in and join me, I’ll leave space for you at a bistro table to dance

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